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Craig Craft World Headquarters is located just outside of Lincoln City, Oregon, on Devils Lake which is known to have the worlds fastest water. Every year in the fall, World Record Speed Trials are held on Devils Lake, the "Bonneville" of water. This is where the fastest of all watercraft can compete for the title of worlds fastest in their class. Craig Craft World Headquarters is located on six acre parcel on Devils Lake. Craig Craft Headquarters facility is equipped to do Powder Coating, Media Blasting,  and all types of wood, plastic, and metal fabrication.  Powder Coating, Media and Sand Blasting is the main function of the shop. Boat building and Boat and auto restoration are the second function of the business. Well known by the locals as the best kept secret on the coast. We pride ourselves as one of the best in our craft with over 35 years of experience. The Powder Coating side is not the typical high production, sweat shop that you will see in the large cities but a custom batch system that controls quality and can coat projects up to 14 feet. Custom jobs come in from all over the United States. There is always a few restoration project going through from the world fastest outboard, hot rod woodies, custom prototypes, one off aluminum boats, racing hydroplanes, lawn furniture or a home made projects. Truly a one stop shop that can do it all. Open to the public by appointment only.

Craig Craft Powder Coating; said by customers to be the best powder coating company on the Oregon Coast, Craig Craft has over 35 years of powder coating experience. Craig Craft Powder Coating was originally started by brothers Craig and Greg Selvidge in the North Seattle area. Being one of the first powder coating companies in the greater Seattle area, Craig Craft quickly became known for their custom and precision powder coating capability. Among some of the more recognizable customers include; Boeing, U.S. Marine, Bayliner Boats, SeaRay Boats, Alpine and Milgard window manufactures, HydraMaster Commercial Carpet Cleaning Systems, Stihl Chainsaws, Starbucks Coffee, Red Robin Restaurants, and a number of computer start up companies. In 1995, Craig Craft Powder Coating was sold and became Powder Coating, Inc. of Mukilteo, Washington. Powder Coating Inc. is still in business today. Craig Craft Powder Coating, now located on the Oregon Coast, is not the typical high production sweat shop that you will find in the large cities. The difference is; Craig Craft Powder Coating has on location, complete fabrication and media blasting preparation systems in place that allow the customer complete control over their project from one provider. The Batch System; one part, one color at a time, offers the most control over high production conveyor systems used in the cities. Craig Craft treats powder coating as an art form using the 35 years of experience and technology to give our customers the best possible results creating coating to perfection that will withstand the harsh environments like the Oregon Coast. We start with an on-site media or sand blasting preparation using only the best, non-toxic media to strip paint, rust, corrosion and contaminants from the metal. We follow this up with a thorough steam clean, Iron Phosphate treatment and rinse. The parts are then pre-heated to 400 degrees that allows the parts to dry and burn off existing grease and oils which guarantees the best outcome for the project. Depending on the color, we can "Hot Coat" which allows for a greater plastic build up on your metal parts which give you a mechanical (melt on) and electrostatic bond thus sealing your project for many years. We stock more than 350 colors and some ceramics. If we don't have the exact color, custom colors can be matched by our suppliers. Some of our standard and custom Powder suppliers include; Prismatic, Dupont, Cardinal, Sherwin Williams, and Tiger Drylac. For custom colors or color marches, we will go to Prismatic for their vas selection of over 6500 colors and low volume production runs.   Because of our experience, we also have the capability to create some metallic and one off colors which is something other powder coating companies can't offer or have the experience to do. Regardless, we will get the right color match for your project.

Craig Craft Racing Boats; ​creator Craig Selvidge, inspired by his brother Greg, got his start as a boat racer, designer, and builder of competition outboard racing boats. Inducted into the American Power Boat Hall of Champions in 1977, Craig Selvidge also won a number of APBA championships in the Stock and Pro Outboard categories. In 1977, Craig Selvidge was also the first recipient of the "Jerry Waldman Memorial Award" given to the outboard racers with the highest total of points for the racing year with a perfect winning record of 26 out of 26 races including the national championships; a perfect season. Craig Craft Racing Boats were known by many as the fastest designs of the 1970's and 80's garnering numerous national championships and world speed records. In 1976 and 1977, Craig Craft Racing Boats also earned the prestigious "Vic Pratt Memorial Award" for most championships won by a single boat designer. Still to this day, many World Speed Records, both in competition and straight a way, still stand. The last world speed record set by Craig Selvidge was making a bathtub average a two way direction over 61 MPH. Craig Craft Racing boats have set more than a hundred competition and straight-away world speed records. Craig Craft Boat Plans were sold throughout the world. Many of the distinctive design traits are still seen in racing boats built today. 

Craig Craft Restoration; ​as seen in our gallery, we often take on small or larger projects; usually automotive, marine, or custom, one-off prototypes. Either by the hour or per bid, we can restore old cars and boats better than new condition. Often times, we help the home owner with custom railing, deck reinforcements, metal gates, or restoration of metal lawn furniture while trying to keep costs within their budgets and much below cost of new replacements. With our diverse facility, we have vast experience in wood, metal, and plastic fabrication with all of the tools on hand needed to perform the task. Please check out our photo gallery of projects completed and built from start to finish.